Philadelphia’s Strategic Location & Regional Connectivity

Philadelphia is strategically located between the nation’s financial and political capitals.

A transatlantic hub for the world’s largest airline carrier, Philadelphia also expands Amazon’s global accessibility, making it easier to reach customers, partners, and future employees.

Philadelphia offers motorists and public transit commuters the second shortest commute times of any city on the East Coast. The city is ranked among the top five in the country for walkability and bikeability.

“We can go back and forth to New York within a day, we do it all the time. We find that our companies who are located in Philadelphia are within an hour or two train ride of almost all of their customers. And you can go there, have a productive day of meetings, and be back home in the same day.”

Josh Kopelman,

Partner, First Round Capital


Philadelphia is a diverse, welcoming city that provides all the benefits of urban living, without the financial sacrifice